Number of Research Papers Published in International, UGC approved Journals & Patent

Sr.No Name of Paper Name of the faculty Name of Journal /ISSN/Impact Factor Year of publication
1 Numerical Study on the straight, helical and spiral capillary tube for the CO2 refrigerant Mrs. Sunita Ballal Scientific And Technical Journal Of Information Technologies Mechanics And Optics 2022
2 Treatment of water purification with modification of surface, physical and chemical properties of AC Mrs. Yogita Babar Indian Patent Application No- 202241076559 2022
3 Optimizing Social Media for Teaching-Learning Mr. Popat Patil National Seminar on Optimizing Social Media for Teaching & Learning 2021
4 Use Of Web Tools In Teaching- Learning Process During Pandemic Mr. Popat Patil Lang Lit IISN-2349-5189 Impact factor-5.61 2020
5 Synergistic Effects of Pd Decoration and Substrates on the NO2 Sensing Performance of Sprayed WO3 Thin Films Dr. S. K. Shaikh Chemical Physics letters Impact factor-2.32 2023
6 Dip coated TiO2 based metal-semiconductor-metal ultraviolet photodetector for UV A monitoring Dr. S. K. Shaikh Superlattices and Microstructures Impact factor-3.22 2020
7 Thin film photocatalyst for environmental remediation : A status review Dr. S. K. Shaikh Current Applied Physics Impact factor -2.856 2020
8 Hydrothermally grown TiO2 thin film based Metal- semiconductor- Metal UV photodetector Dr. S. K. Shaikh Journal of Electronic Materials Impact factor -1.5 2020
9 Spray deposited Fe2 O3 photoelectrode for degradation of benzoic acid and methyl blue dye under solar radiation Dr. S. K. Shaikh Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Impact factor -2.478 2018
10 Nanocrystalline immobilized ZnO Photocatalyst for degradation of benzoic acid and methyl blue dye Dr. S. K. Shaikh Material Research Bulletin Impact factor -5.6 2018
11 Effect of the buffer layer on the metal–semiconductor–metal UV photodetector based on Al-doped and undoped ZnO thin films with different device structures Dr. S. K. Shaikh Physical Status Solidi A Impact factor -2.17 2015
12 ZnO Nanorod based highly selective visible blind Ultra-violet photodetector and highly sensitive NO2 gas sensor Dr. S. K. Shaikh Superlattices and Microstructure Impact factor -3.22 2018
13 Chemical synthesis of Pinecone like ZnO films for UV photodetector applications Dr. S. K. Shaikh Thin solid films Impact factor -2.183 2017
14 Multifunctional zinc oxide thin films for high performance UV photodetectors and nitrogen dioxide gas sensors Dr. S. K. Shaikh RSC Advances Impact factor -4.063 2016
15 Chemical bath deposited ZnO thin film based UV photoconductive detector Dr. S. K. Shaikh Journal of Alloys and Compounds Impact factor -6.371 2016