Department of Workshop

The Department is well equipped with sections and infrastructural facilities in thrust areas. In machine shop we have all gear type lathes, surface grinder, Milling machine, capstan lathe, CNC Trainer and other advance machines. In welding shop we have Shielded Metal arc Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Gas welding , Oxy-Acetylene Gas cutting Set-up, Metal-Inert Gas welding , Tungsten-Inert Gas welding , Resistance(spot) welding , Brazing and Soldering Set-up.

In fitting shop we have various hand Tools for Fitting shop, angle plate, surface plate, drilling machines, bench vise and bench vise table and precision measuring equipment.

In carpentry and pattern shop Wood Turning lathe, Circular Hand saw, Hand Tools for Carpentry and Pattern making are available.

In Machine shop, fitting shop, sheet metal and carpentry all important and advance equipments and machines required to conduct practical and advance study are available. The students right from first year are exposed to basic practical knowledge of engineering and various machines with rigorous practical work.

Strength Of Department

  • Well equipped sections for conducting practical of first year all branches, Second & Third Year Mechanical Engineering students.
  • Active participation and facility providing in creation and formation of advance sponsored projects by second year and final year Mechanical Engineering students.
  • Well qualified and highly experienced instructors and workshop superintend always ready to guide and promote the knowledge of students.

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