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Library is a soul of every college. The books in the Library enriches the deapth of the knowledge of the students. With this view library in the College is looked after so that it should have the variegated books. Keeping in a view the demand and need of the books recorded by the students, the books are made available to the library. These includes fiction, text books, reference books, periodical, internet facility. At present, many books are available in the College library. Besides, study room facility is made available to the students.

LIBRARY AREA:-587 Sq.mts.
(Stack Room +Reading Room)
Books Purchased during the year Books Expenditure
2012-2013 1066 Rs.   4, 74,183=00
2013-2014   972 Rs.  3, 92,537=80
2014-2015 1577 Rs.   6, 07,747=20
Sr.No. Particulars Total No. of Books
1 Reference Books 7742
2 Text Books 29142
3 Total Books 36884
                   Total Expenditure = Rs.72, 90,488.80 (till 11/01/2016)  E-Journals:-
Sr.No. Particulars Total No. of e-journals
1 Science Direct 275
2 ASCE   35
3 ASME   27
4 IEEE 161
  Total 498
                    Total Expenditure = Rs.12, 43,459.00 (During financial year 2014-15)                             Periodicals: -
Sr.No. Particulars Total No. of  periodicals
1 National 55
2 International 16
  Total 71
                   Total Expenditure = Rs.2, 24,261.90 (During financial year 2014-15)  Library Facilities-
  1.  Free Book Bank Facility for SC & ST scholarship holder students.
  2.  Providing Book Bank facility to all students by paying minimum charges.
  3.  E-journals, e-books & NPTEL video lectures can be accessed in the whole college campus.
  4.  Library provides reprography, scanning & printing facilities.
  5.  Library provides internet facility to all the library users.
  6. OPAC service is available.