Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

  • Graduates of the program will have technical expertise, leadership and ethical qualities to analyze, design    and execute Civil Engineering Projects.
  • Graduates of the program will have affinity for life-long learning, team work and effective communication for    successful implementation of Civil Engineering Projects across the globe.
  • Graduates of the program will develop necessary managerial skills.
  • Graduates will develop sensitivity towards environment, sustainable development, disaster management
       and such contemporary issues.

    Program Outcomes (Pos):

  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science for identifying and understanding Civil Engineering    problems.
  • An ability to analyze real life Civil Engineering problems.
  • An ability to apply Civil Engineering knowledge for design, execution and maintenance of various   components and hence systems within stipulated realistic constraints such as technical, economic,    environmental, political, social, safety issues and sustainability.
  • An ability to investigate, formulate, synthesize, solve, simulate and interpretation of complex real life Civil    Engineering problem using the imparted knowledge of mathematics, science, Civil Engineering, technology    and optimization.
  • An ability to select with a defined degree of appropriateness and apply techniques, resources, modern    tools, to different Civil Engineering activities with knowledge of their limitations.
  • An ability to assess health, societal, safety, legal, hazardous and cultural issues by supporting Civil    Engineering reasons and hence to practice professionally.
  • An ability to understand the impact of Civil Engineering solution on societal and environmental domains and    hence to reorganize with the intention of sustainable development.
  • An ability to demonstrate high regards for Civil Engineering ethics and hence ethical responsibility.
  • An ability to work on projects as well as in organizations of societal concerns independently and also in    teams.
  • An ability to demonstrate effective communication and harmonious interaction.
  • An ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the management principles and to apply these to
       one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.
  • An ability to demonstrate professional practice through participation in multidisciplinary activities and also to    engage in life-long learning.

    Program specific Outcomes (PSO):

    A graduate of the Civil Engineering Program will demonstrate:
  • Ability to interact with stakeholders effectively and execute quality construction work applying necessary    tools.
  • Ability to identify the field problems, formulate, adopt codal provisions and design Civil Engineering    structures.
  • Ability to employ advanced civil equipment , environments , and platforms in creating innovative career    paths to be an entrepreneur, and a zest for higher studies.

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